Dibru College

ডিব্ৰু মহাবিদ্যালয়

Affliated to Dibrugarh University

NAAC Grade A

তমসো মা জ্যোতিৰ্গময়

"Lead me to Light from Darkness"

College Courses

The college offers the two years Higher Secondary Course and Three years Degree Course of study in three streams Arts, Science and Commerce.
Higher Secondary:
For Higher Secondary Course English and Modern Indian language (Assamese, Bengali, Hindi) or Alternative English in place of MIL are compulsory for all the streams. The students will further have to take three elective subjects and an additional subject.
The elective subjects taught in the college are-
Arts Stream:
Economic, Political Science, Education, Mathematics, History Sociology, Logic & Philosophy, Sanskrit or Advance Assamese or Anthropology, Computer Science.
Science Stream :
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Anthropology Geology, Statistics, Computer Science.
Commerce Stream :
Economics, Commercial Mathematics & Elements of Statistics, Business Studies, Book Keeping and Accountancy, Computer Science.

Six Semester Degree Course of Study:
Science Stream:
For Three Year Degree Course in Science Stream General; English is compulsory and the students have to take 'three core subjects with any of the following combinations.
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Physics, Mathematics, Geology
Physics, Mathematics, Statistics
Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science.
Mathematics, Economics, Statistics
Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science.
Mathematics, Geology, Chemistry.
Botany, Zoology, Chemistry
Zoology, Botany, Anthropology
Botany, Chemistry, Geology
Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science.
Physics, Chemistry, Geology
Zoology, Anthropology, Geology
Botany, Anthropology, Geology

Major Course is offered in :
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Anthropology.

(1)   For Major in Botany or Zoology a student must have Chemistry as a core subject.
(2)   For Major in Chemistry a student must have Physics and Mathematics as core subjects.
(3)   For Major in Physics a student must have Mathematics as a core subject.
(4)  No students will be allowed to take the subject shown in column A unless he or she has passed the subjects in column B in the Higher Secondary Examination or any examination recognized by Dibrugarh University as its equivalent.
Column A                                 Column B
Mathematics                              Mathematics
Statistics                                      Statistics or Mathematics
Physics                                         Physics and Mathematics
Chemistry                                   Chemistry
Geology                                        Geology and Mathematics or Physics
Botany                                          Biology
Zoology                                        Biology
Computer Science                    Mathematics
Physics Major                            Physics and Mathematics
                Chemistry Major                      Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
Arts Stream :
For Six Semester Degree Courses in Arts General English and Modern Indian Language (Assamese, Bengali, and Hindi) or Alternative English in lieu of MIL are compulsory and the student has to take any two of the following subjects as core subject.
Economics, Political Science, Mathematics, (Anthropology or Sociology or Philosophy), Elective Assamese, Computer Science, Statistics Education. (History or Sanskrit)
Major Course is offered in:
Assamese, Political Science, Economics, Mathematics, History, Education, Anthropology, Sanskrit

For Six Semester Degree course in commerce under semester system students has to take following subjects.
Semester- I (General & Specialty)
        (1)   Business Communication-I
        (2)  Business Regulatory Framework.
        (3)  Financial Accounting
        (4)  Business Environment  
Semester- II (General & Speciality)
        (1)   Business Communication-II
        (2)  Business Economics
        (3)  Corporate Accounting
        (4)  Principles of Business Management

Semester- III
        (1)   HRM (G)
        (2)  MIL (G)
        (3)  Business Statistics (G & S)
        (4)  I.T. and its applications in business or I.T. Practices in Business (G & S)
        (5)  Adv. Financial Accounting (S)
        (6)  Financial Management (S)
        (7)  Environmental Studies

Semester- IV
        (1)   Cost Accounting (G & S)
        (2)  Company Law (G & S)
        (3)  Auditing (G & S)
        (4)  Indian Banking System (G)
        (5)  Security Analysis and protrofolio Management (S)
        (6)  Environmental Studies (Practical)

Semester- V
        (1)   Public Financial or Mathematics (G & S)
        (2)  Entrepreneurship Development (G & S)
        (3)  Management Accounting (G & S)
        (4)  Direct Tax- I (S)
        (5)  Principle of Marketing

Semester- VI
        (1)   Income Tax (G)
        (2)  Direct Tax -II (S)
        (3)  International Business (G)
        (4)  Financial Statement Analysis (S)
        (5)  Indian Financial System (G & S)
        (6)  Small Business Management (G)
They can take specialty course in accounting and finance
Structure of Courses of the Programmes:
All B.A., B.Sc, B.Com., Programmers shall have the following components, viz.

i) Compulsory Courses:  These courses are the compulsory courses for all students of the programme concerned.
ii) Major Course: Major courses shall be chosen by the students. The Courses shall be optional and non-mandatory.
iii) Non-Major Courses: Non-Major courses shall be chosen by the students, who do not opt for major courses.
iv) Skill-based Courses:  A skill based course shall be mandatory for all students pursuing General B.A. and B.Sc.

Programme Registration:
a) The candidates shall have to register themselves to the University at the time of admission clearly mentioning their course / subject combinations.

b) The colleges/ institutes concerned shall submit to the University the detailed Registration List of their enrolled students using the software provided by the University within one month from the date of admission or as prescribed in the University Academic Calendar.

c)  The students registered by the University as per the information provided by the colleges shall be treated as final. In no circumstances, change of subject combination and switching from major programme to general programme and vice versa shall be allowed.